Buy El Gordo la Primitiva

El Gordo la Primitiva is Spain’s weekly lottery and it attracts international players. Each week, players get the chance to become millionaires. When you buy El Gordo la Primitiva tickets, you get the opportunity to win big with the lottery.

It is one of the oldest lottery games in the world (if not the oldest). Players can buy tickets to this lottery in any of the Spanish cities. But, what do you do if you live in Australia or any other country?

Keep reading to find out how to buy El Gordo la Primitiva tickets wherever you are.

Ways to buy El Gordo la Primitiva tickets

There are two ways to buy Spanish lottery tickets. If you live in Spain, you can walk into any lottery vendor and buy a ticket. Physical tickets are only sold in Spain and to Spanish residents.

However, if you do not live in Spain, you can buy your lottery ticket online. Several online lottery ticket vendors sell lottery tickets to players in different countries. It is now possible to play top international lotteries from any country in the world.

How to Buy El Gordo la Primitiva Tickets Online

buy El Gordo la Primitiva lottery tickets

Before you click on any link to buy El Gordo la Primitiva tickets, there are a few things you should know.

Yes, you can buy lottery tickets online but, do not be hasty in purchasing your tickets. Because not all vendors sell you the real lottery ticket, you need to understand what the vendor is selling before you buy it. Some online sites sell you the chance to bet on the winning ticket. This is different from playing the lottery.

Before you spend your money, check to be sure that you are buying a lottery ticket. At we have agents in Spain. So, when you buy a lottery ticket from us, our agent buys a physical ticket with your numbers. Thus, you are paying for a real lottery ticket.

Playing the game

Playing the game is straightforward. Pick 5 numbers from 1 to 54. Each lottery ticket is automatically assigned a bonus number from 0 to 9. During the draw, five numbers are picked with one bonus number. The tickets that match the drawn numbers wins the jackpot.

The jackpot prize starts at 5 million Euros and can get as high as 30 million Euros. If there is no winner at a draw, it rolls over to the next draw.

Also, the Spanish lottery has many prize categories but, the amounts players can win depend on ticket sales. Another determining factor is the number of winners in that category as they will share the amount. Note that it is possible to win as much as 1 million Euros in the second prize category.

Checking Results

El Gordo la Primitiva lottery tickets
Anyone can win a prize with El Gordo la Primitiva, and it does not have to be the jackpot prize. We have already mentioned that this lottery has many prize categories. But, you won’t know if you have won a prize if you do not check the results.

The Spanish lottery has a weekly draw on Sundays. Results are announced during the live show. If you bought your lottery ticket online, visit online sites to find out the lottery results.

At, we alert our players via email if they won any prizes. Also, players can withdraw their winnings in cash.

Tax Liability

The Spanish government does not tax lottery wins but, some countries tax income from lottery games. So, check with the country where you are living.

Check for your lottery tickets

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