Buy Euromillions Tickets Online

EuroMillions is the European lottery with a jackpot prize worth millions of Euros. Now, Aussies can buy EuroMillions tickets online and enter this international lotto game.

If you are interested in this life-changing lottery then, hurry up and buy tickets for the next draw. Although this is a lottery for European countries, Australia residents can now buy Euromillions tickets online. Players all over the world are already taking advantage of this huge opportunity.

The lottery has a jackpot prize that starts at €17 million and rolls over each draw until there is a winner. It’s no surprise that Aussies are scrambling to get in on the good fortune. Relax and read on to find out how to buy EuroMillions and other international lotteries online from Australia.

Can Australian residents buy international lottery tickets online?

buy Euromillions

If you live in Australia, you can buy international lottery tickets online, including EuroMillions tickets through online lottery agents. These sites sell tickets to the top international lotto games to players from around the world. It is legal and legitimate but, you need to be careful before you buy your tickets.

There are two types of online lottery sites. Some sites sell real lottery tickets and give you a chance to enter the lottery. When you buy your tickets from these sites, the agents buy corresponding physical tickets. So, you stand a chance to win the jackpot just like everyone else who buys a ticket.

However, some other online lottery sites do not sell tickets that let you participate in the lottery. Instead, they sell tickets that let you bet on the outcome of the lottery. You will win some money if you win. But, even if you match the numbers correctly, you will not win the jackpot. Because you did not buy a lottery ticket. So, carefully choose the site where you buy your ticket.

How to buy Euromillions tickets online

If you buy EuroMillions tickets online through our site, you will be buying real lottery tickets. We have agents in different countries who will buy physical tickets for any international lottery you wish to enter.

To buy your lotto tickets online, choose the numbers you wish to play. Our site has a number picker that automatically generates numbers for you. Also, you can buy several lines per ticket. It’s a good idea to do that because it increases your odds of winning.

After choosing your numbers, pick the draw days you want to enter. EuroMillions has two draw days a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, you can enter for one draw day or both. Also, you can automatically enter subsequent draws for up to four weeks.

Finally, you register for an account and then pay for your tickets. Your account is so that we can upload a copy of your physical tickets. Also, if your ticket wins any prizes, we will alert you immediately and pay the money through your account.

Where to buy EuroMillions tickets online

Still, wondering where to buy tickets? If you are not buying physical tickets from a lottery ticket vendor, the next best thing is an online ticket. You can get those from online lottery sites like ours. We make it easy for you to enter top international lotteries like Powerball, SuperEnaLotto and EuroMillions.

What can you win?

We mentioned that the jackpot prize is not the only prize that players can win. The lottery has thirteen prize tiers that a player can win. The amount depends on different factors, including the number of players who win that prize. Here are the prize tiers below:

Tier 1: Match 5 + 2 lucky stars (the Jackpot prize)
Tier 2: Match 5 + 1 lucky star
Tier 3: Match 5
Tier 4: Match 4 + 2 lucky stars
Tier 5: Match 4 + 1 lucky star
Tier 6: Match 3 + 2 lucky stars
Tier 7: Match 4
Tier 8: Match 2 + 2 lucky stars
Tier 9: Match 3 numbers + 1 lucky star
Tier 10: Match 3
Tier 11: Match 1 + 2 lucky stars
Tier 12: Match 2 + 1 lucky star
Tier 13: Match 2

Finally, when you buy EuroMillions lottery tickets, you can also enter the SuperDraw. That gives you the chance to win a huge sum of money, up to €130 million in June 2021. It’s time to take a leap of faith and buy your EuroMillions tickets today.