How to check Euromillions draw results

15th October 2022

Euromillions is a lottery that attracts millions of players around the world. The jackpot prize often gets to millions of pounds and there are several prize levels as well. It’s one thing to enter the lottery, but checking the draw results is also very important.

There are stories of lottery winners that lost their wins because they did not know that they had won. To ensure that this is not your experience, you need to discover how to check the results. Below are some of the ways to check if you have won the lottery.

Watch the live draws

Most lotteries televise their live drawing where they call out the drawn numbers. If you happen to be home when the draws are being announced you can watch then. But this might not always be convenient if you have entered multiple drawings. 

Also, if you are not home at that moment, you could miss out on knowing if you have won a prize or not.

Check the news

Another alternative is to check the news for the drawn numbers. You can do this by watching online, browsing news sites or even reading a newspaper. Lots of news outlets publish the drawn numbers for the lottery. 

Register with an online lottery site

A simpler method would be to register with a lottery site that will help you keep track of your wins. A good lottery site makes it easy for you to buy lottery tickets and also check draw results. You can also check the history of the draws on these sites.

The chief advantage of lottery sites is that they will alert you whenever you win a prize. Lotteries like Euromillions have several prize layers .So even if you have not won the jackpot, there is a possibility that you might have won another prize level.