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EuroJackpot is a lotto game run by the lottery organizations of several European countries. Technically, you need to be resident in any of the participating countries to play EuroJackpot. However, if you live in Australia or any other country where lottery games are legal, you can play EuroJackpot online.

EuroJackpot is perhaps, the fastest growing lotto game in Europe and this is not an accident. Since its launch in 2012, EuroJackpot has grown to become one of the most attractive games on the continent. This is not limited to Europeans as lotto lovers all around the world are huge fans of EuroJackpot.

Keep on reading to find out how to play EuroJackpot from Australia. Also, there will be details on how to play and what prizes you can win.

Play EuroJackpot online to become a millionaire

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The biggest EuroJackpot winner won a jackpot of €90 million. The first to win this amount was a Czech man in 2015. However, he has not been the only person to win the jackpot since then. This is one of the reasons why this lotto game is so attractive to players all over the world. When you play this lottery, you have a good chance of becoming a millionaire.

In 2017, five players shared the jackpot of €90 million, and each went home with €18 million. And that’s not all. Over the years, several players have won the jackpot. This is not a lotto game where nobody gets to win the jackpot.

Amazingly, EuroJackpot has made a lot of people millionaires since it was launched in 2012. This is a lottery that has not been running for as long as some other lotteries in Europe. Yet it consistently produces players who win the jackpot prize. This is a good enough reason to purchase a ticket for this Euro lotto.

How to Play EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot is a simple lotto game to play and is enjoyed by millions of players across the world. Players pick five numbers from 1 to 50 and then two numbers called Euro numbers from 1 to 10. To win the EuroJackpot, a player needs to match all five numbers as well as the two Euro numbers.

There is only one weekly draw that takes place on Fridays. The winning ticket is announced during the drawing. A EuroJackpot ticket costs €2 per line and you can enter as many times as you want. Entering multiple times increases the odds of winning the jackpot. If you are playing from Australia, you can buy your tickets online.

The jackpot always starts with a sum of €10 million and then keeps on growing. It has reached a high of €90 million several times. Although the jackpot is the main prize and the most attractive, it is not the only prize that players can win. The EuroJackpot has eleven other prize tiers that players can win, which also increases your odds of winning.

EuroJackpot vs Other European Lotteries

The other popular lottery game on the continent is EuroMillions and you can play both lottos from Australia. But, how are they different? First of all, the rules are similar for both lotteries, but the prizes are different. Euromillions has an additional prize tier.

Another difference is that EuroMillions is only available to a few countries in Europe. EuroJackpot on the other hand has more participating countries. This means that it has a wider reach. Again, unlike EuroMillions which has balls numbered from 1 to 12, these Euro lotto balls are numbered from 1 to 10.

Get your tickets

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You can’t win any prize in this lottery if you do not enter a draw. This seems unnecessary to state, however, it is a fact. In order to enter a draw, you need to purchase a ticket. It does not matter if you are in Australia or any other country in the world. Anyone can play EuroJackpot for a chance to win prizes.

While tickets are only sold in the participating European countries, you can also buy a ticket outside of Europe. There are several online vendors that sell tickets. If you would like a chance at winning the jackpot for this Euro lottery, then go online and get a ticket now.