Play EuroMillions Online

EuroMillions is the European lotto where players can become millionaires. Now, anyone can play this lotto game from any country, even Australia. That was not always the case because only a few European countries could participate in the lottery.

The EuroMillions lottery has a starting jackpot of €17 million and holds several Superdraw events. Keep reading to find out how to play EuroMillions online, even from Australia.

How can Australians Play EuroMillions?

The general rule is that no one living outside the Euromillion countries can play this lottery. In other words, players can only buy physical tickets from any of the participating countries. However, if you live in Australia, you can play EuroMillions online and, we will show you how to do so.

To play EuroMillions from Australia, you need to buy your lottery ticket from an online lottery site like this one. When you buy your ticket, you will need to register with our site for easy management. Our agents then go out and purchase physical tickets with the numbers you selected. So, even though you are in Australia, you can participate in this lottery.

And, if you win, we will collect your money and pay you the exact amount. We do not collect any commission or fees on your winnings.

How to play EuroMillions

play Euromillions

Playing EuroMillions is like playing any other lottery game though the rules are slightly different. You choose five numbers from a range of 1 and 50, as well as two lucky stars from 1 and 12. You could also use our number generator to make the process easier. Also, you can choose more than one line of numbers to increase your odds.

Next, you decide what draws you want to enter. EuroMillions has drawings twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, you can enter either drawing or both draw days. You can set it on autopilot and buy entries for future draws also.

After you choose your draw days, you then pay for your ticket. Understand that the price of your ticket will depend on the number of lines you entered. Once you’ve paid for your ticket, the next step is to wait for the drawing then check to see if you have won anything. That is why you need to register so that you can easily keep track of your lottery tickets.

Prize tiers

The EuroMillions jackpot prize begins at €17 million and rolls over until it reaches its cap amount. It happens when there is no winner at each drawing then an additional sum is added each week. It goes on until it gets to the capped sum of €220 million. It remains at that sum for four draws and then is scaled down.

Besides the jackpot prize, there are other prizes that players can win. The jackpot is won when a player matches all five numbers and the lucky star numbers. But, the EuroMillions has twelve other prize tiers. The prize amounts depend on the number of tickets sold. Also, if there are many winners, the prize is shared among them. These are the prize tiers below.

Tier 1: Match 5 numbers + 2 lucky stars (the Jackpot prize)
Tier 2: Match 5 numbers + 1 lucky star
Tier 3: Match 5 numbers
Tier 4: Match 4 numbers + 2 lucky stars
Tier 5: Match 4 numbers + 1 lucky star
Tier 6: Match 3 numbers + 2 lucky stars
Tier 7: Match 4 numbers
Tier 8: Match 2 numbers + 2 lucky stars
Tier 9: Match 3 numbers + 1 lucky star
Tier 10: Match 3 numbers
Tier 11: Match 1 number + 2 lucky stars
Tier 12: Match 2 numbers + 1 lucky star
Tier 13: Match 2 numbers

The EuroMillions Superdraws

The Superdraws is an event that lottery players look forward to all year round. Whenever the lottery fund reaches a high amount, the lottery organizers hold a super draw. The last Superdraw was in June 2021 and, a single ticket holder won the jackpot of €130 million.

Play EuroMillions online, even from Australia and lookout for the next Superdraws.

What to do if you win

When you play EuroMillions, you can win prizes from any of the thirteen tiers. If you play online through our site, we will credit your account if you win any prizes. Then you can cash out through any of the many options we have. If you win the jackpot, you need to contact the lottery commission personally or through an agent.