Lottery results from all over the world

If you have played any of the lotteries on our website, you will want to come back to find out about the results. Our site shows you the results for all worldwide lotteries that you can get tickets for from us. Right after the draw, we bring you the latest results and the winning amounts for the different prize tiers.

You can easily check your tickets against the draw results in your account

lotto draw results

To make things easier for you, it is very convenient to compare the numbers you picked with the numbers that were drawn. Once you are logged in to your customer account, open the “My Tickets” page. For each one of your tickets, any number on your ticket that matches the draw will be highlighted. This makes it easy for you to see if you won, and in which prize tier you fall.

If you win an amount of less than €2000 in any of our worldwide lotteries, it will be credited to your player account right away.

What if you win more than €2000?

In that case, the process is different. You will get your pay-out directly from the lottery that you participated in. This process is part of our worldwide service. We email you a form that requires some personal data, including your preference as to how the money should be paid – check or bank transfer. This form will be sent to the lottery commission by our customer support. You will get your payment a few days later.

What about taxes?

The taxation situation is different for each lottery. In the USA, a 24% tax will be deducted from any winnings over $5000. If a foreigner wins, the tax rate is 30%. In both cases, the taxes will be deducted by the lottery commission right away, and they pay them to the IRS, the financial authority of the United States of America.

For Euromillions and Eurojackpot we buy the tickets in countries where there is no tax on lottery winnings.

Finally, you will have to check the tax situation in your own country yourself.

One more way to use the worldwide lottery results we provide

worldwide lotteriesMany players use the last results of the international lottery draws to determine which numbers they want to play. They often also use past results which you can find in our results archive. In general, there are three very popular ways to do this:

  • Play the exact same numbers drawn for one lottery on a ticket they purchase for another lottery
  • Eliminate all numbers that have been drawn recently in any of the worldwide lotteries draws, and pick only numbers that have not come up lately
  • Play the numbers which have been drawn most frequently over the past few weeks

Using our worldwide database of winning lottery numbers does not guarantee that you will win, but it is one way of picking lottery numbers that have a chance of matching the next draw results and it is a lot of fun too!

Good luck, and may your next ticket be the last one you will ever have to buy!