Winning Numbers Superenalotto

Superenalotto is the biggest lottery in Italy, with a jackpot that has a guaranteed minimum of 2 million Euros. The jackpot amount can grow up to 100 million Euros, making it a popular lottery. It attracts millions of players, each eager to win the life-changing prize. Winning numbers Superenalotto means the winner gets the jackpot.

With online lottery sales, players from different countries are also entering the lottery for a chance to win the jackpot. The last jackpot prize was a little over 156 million Euros, won by a single ticket on 22nd May 2021.

The ticket had winning numbers: 1, 7, 37, 43, 63, 81, 34

Imagine if that winner did not check the Superenalotto winning numbers that day. Millions of Euros would have gone unclaimed.

Winning Superenalotto prizes

winning numbers superenalotto
The rules for the Superenalotto lottery a player has to match the six drawn numbers. The numbers are chosen from 1 to 90 and randomly drawn. There is also a Jolly number, which is like a bonus number, and a player can win big for matching that number.

Superenalotto has several prize tiers, and there is something for players who match even one number.

How to check Superenalotto Results

There are many ways to check winning numbers. The Italian lottery holds three draws in a week, on Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can check the lottery website the day after the draw.

If you buy your ticket online from a lottery site like, we will alert you once you win a prize. We will also send you an email with the winning numbers so that you don’t miss out on your prize.

Remember that this lottery has several prize tiers. So, even if you do not win the jackpot, there is still a chance that you might win one of the other prizes. When you register with us, it is easy to withdraw your cash earnings. So book your winning numbers today.