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Not all lotteries have the same odds of winning

worldwide lottoIt is perfectly logical to look for the biggest jackpots, but it also makes sense to check where you are offered the best odds to win a large prize. Some jackpots grow so much because they are hard to win.
But what if the second-tier prize is still large enough to change your life? What if the chances of winning a second-tier prize were much, much better than the odds of cracking the jackpot? Well, we have that type of lottery as well.

Where can I find information and tips for lotto fans?

You can find all that here on our website. Not only do we give you the exact odds and rules for every lottery, but we also have articles about all kinds of different aspects of the lottery. We provide you with advice on how to improve your winning chances, and you will also find the latest results and an archive of older results for all the lotteries on our website.

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Taking care of our worldwide customers when they win is an important part of our online ticket service. Smaller wins are paid out directly to your player’s account. For larger wins, our customer support will provide you with our VIP winner’s service! You will get paid in full and no fees or commissions will ever be deducted from your winnings, although tax regulations in the country of the lottery, and in your country of residence apply.